Tune Up and Diagnosis

Before fuel injection and premium spark plugs were introduced, cars were much less reliable than today. Tune up and Diagnosis is more about prevention and reducing problem impact for modern cars.

At Leading Car Care Centre, we have the latest computer diagnostic equipment to identify faults before and when they happen. Our technicians are well trained to rectify any issues that may arise.

Diagnostic Equipment

  • At Leading Car Care Centre, we have invested in new computer software to identify and diagnose faults. We can also perform an overall health check on your car to see how efficiently it is running

Spark Plugs

  • Conventional Spark Plugs need to be replaced every 50,000-80,000 km
  • Platinum or Iridium tipped Spark plugs need to be replaced every 80,000-150,000 km
  • Worn-out spark plugs can cause a reduction in power, misfiring and poor fuel consumption

Fuel Filter

  • Fuel filters replacements are less common in modern cars. See your manufacturer for replacement schedule.
  • A bad fuel filter can cause poor acceleration.

Diesel Fuel Filter

  • This acts as a water separator. Replacement intervals depend on manufacturer.


  • We can run a battery test to check its health. If it is getting weaker, we may recommend you replace the battery.

If you need a Tune Up and Diagnosis in West Footscray and nearby suburbs, contact us now!

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