Same Day Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

Looking for a roadworthy certificate or RWC? Get it today at the Leading Car Care Centre. At Leading Car Care Centre, we understand your busy schedule. We are also dedicated to quality and efficient service to our customers. We have equipped our garage with the state of the art facilities to assure you of quality and efficiency. Our roadworthy inspection services are unmatched. So if you need a roadworthy certificate in Williamstown, Yarraville, Brooklyn, Altona, Seddon, or Kingsville look no further, we got it for you.

Roadworthy Certificate in Footscray

If you’re planning to get a Roadworthy Certificate for your car in Footscray or Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. Leading Car Care Centre will provide you with a genuine RWC depending on the complete inspection of your car.

Having a busy work schedule does not allow you to have the time to inspect the vehicle before buying or selling it. Our efficient staff will perform a comprehensive inspection for the car and see if it’s suitable to get a Roadworthy Certificate or if further repairs are required for the car.

Importance of a Roadworthy Certificate

A Roadworthy Certificate is important to reduce the chances of road accidents. This certificate states that your car is safe and fit to be driven on the road. An RWC is issued when you’re reselling your old car or when you plan to buy a second-hand car.

In case the car was initially considered as not fit to be driven, it can be cleared of a vehicle defect notice or notice of unworthiness with an RWC after proper inspection.

Our Inspection Services

Regardless of the age of the car, if you’re buying or selling your car, you need to get it inspected. Inspection will provide an assurance of your vehicle’s safety and some key factors are checked to receive an RWC.

Our technicians will rotate and balance the wheels of your car. If they are worn out, we’ll replace them with genuine tyres of the right size. We also offer wheel alignment services to ensure that there’s no issue while driving.

If there’s any issue with the steering, suspension, or braking system of your car, we can repair those too. This will ensure that the car is safe to be taken on the road.

Our inspection services also extend to

  • Seats and belts
  • Lamps and reflectors
  • Windows, windscreen, and wipers
  • Structure of the vehicle and any other safety-related item

Bring your pre-owned car to us today! Not only will you get a Roadworthy Certificate, but you’ll also be able to enjoy your drive without worrying about the condition of the car.

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