Affordable Fuel Injection System and Servicing

Improve the fuel efficiency of your car with a top-quality fuel injection system installed by the professional and VACC-certified mechanics at Leading Car Care Centre. If you need to get your fuel injection system cleaned up or repaired, you can rely on our experienced mechanic for that too.

The fuel injection system is a system that feeds fuel directly into the cylinders on the engine, replacing the need for carburetors. Due to this system, modern cars are much more reliable, though regular maintenance is still needed. The main issue that occurs within a fuel injection system is the rusting caused by water contamination.

Symptoms That the Vehicle Needs Fuel Injection System Repairs

Keep an eye out for some of the symptoms that might require you to repair the fuel injection system of your engine. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Low power/inconsistent power
  • Poor fuel economy
  • High CO2 emissions
  • Difficult to start
  • High idling revs

A well-maintained fuel injection system can ensure that the car runs smoothly and efficiently. This effect can be seen by:

  • Improved power and acceleration
  • Lower exhaust emissions
  • Lower fuel consumption saving you money

Actions to Ensure That the Fuel System Runs Smoothly

Various tests can be taken to ensure that the right repairs are conducted to improve the performance of the fuel injection system and ensure that it runs smoothly so that you can enjoy a more pleasant drive. Some of them are:

  • Test and repair leaks
  • Test spray pattern
  • Test flow rates
  • Clean fuel rates and retest

At the end of the testing, we will provide the results, compare the pre-cleaning and post-cleaning fuel injection system, and then give a recommended course of action.

If you need a fuel injection system or a fuel injection system service in Williamstown, Yarraville, Brooklyn, Altona, Seddon or Kingsville, contact us now on 03 9314 9779!

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